Prevent your pipes from bursting with our simple seven step guide.

As pipes are most likely to burst during cold weather spells and when hones are left empty, its worth taking the following steps before you go away, to give yourself peace of mind.

1) Keep you homes central heating at a minimum temperature of 12oc (54f), if its likely to drop below freezing whilst your away.

2) Insulate pipes in your homes attic and crawl spaces, as these exposed pipes are the most likely to freeze. The more insulated they are, the better protected they’ll be.

3) Look for small gaps around the areas where your television, cable or telephone lines come through the wall, and seal them up to stop any cold air getting through.

4) As kitchen and bathroom cabinets can keep warm air for reaching pipes under the sinks and in adjacent outside walls, keep the cabinet doors open to allow warm air to circulate.

5) Lag your loft, cold water storage tank and water pipes

6) Leave you loft hatch door open, as allowing warmer air to reach the loft can stop your water tank freezing.

7) If you’re away for a long time over the winter, it may even be worth draining your water and central heating systems completely.

Finally, its always worth asking a friend or neighbour to check your house once a week whilst your away, to make sure everything is in order.

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