Motor Fleet Insurance

Motor Fleet Insurance is in effect just a single policy that covers more than one vehicle.
Most Insurers will quote for fleets of vehicles with a minimum of 5 vehicles, however more and more Insurers are happy to quote from 3 vehicles.

The benefits of Fleet cover can be premium saving by aggregating the premiums paid, and blanket driving covers; for example, a classic fleet driving policy would cover any driver over 25 with the policyholder’s permission. This negates the need to keep logs of which drivers are insured on each vehicle, reducing admin time and providing a clear policy for all drivers.

Motor fleet insurance

There is of course just one common renewal date for all vehicles and one schedule, again reducing paperwork.

Motor Fleets are commonly a mixture of both private and commercial vehicles and some Insurers can even include items such as quads, motorcycles and even agricultural plants such as road-licensed tractors.

Fleets can be either commercial (business fleets), family fleets or commonly a mixture of the two. You will find most insurers willing to convert traditional ‘no claims bonus’ into a Fleet discount meaning you are not penalised for grouping all of your vehicles on one policy.

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