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Specialist Home, Contents & Antiques Insurance, Fine Art Insurance and expert cover for your Jewellery and Valuables

From family heirlooms to multi-million art collections, we can ensure you receive expert advice on the most cost-effective and structured way to insure your most treasured possessions. We have partnerships with the leading high net worth insurers in the world and so ensure that you are placed with the best markets.

Our specialist, flexible policies ensure you receive the most appropriate insurance coverage and value for money. Most people may not realise that by structuring policies that separate fine art and antiques from general content, they can usually reduce costs and also get broader coverage.

Jewellery, art and antiques insurance policies recognise the importance of your treasured items and treat them as separate from ‘general contents’. The best insurance policies provide you with enhanced cover, so you can be sure your belongings are protected. There are several types of cover to consider, depending on the items you’re protecting and the level of cover you need, such as:

Extended Replacement Cost – following a valuation, items will benefit from up to three years of cover at 150% of the valuation figure

New Acquisitions – covers your possessions for up to 60 days after the purchase, in case you forget to inform us to update your insurance policy

Restoration Cover – if you claim for partial damage, your insurance will pay for the restoration of the item and its loss in market value as a result of the restoration

Defective Titles – if you discover that an item is not rightfully yours, your insurance will pay you the value of the item and your defence legal fees.

As specialists in art, jewellery and antique insurance, we can help you arrange a policy that’s tailor-made to your collection. You’ll have complete confidence that your items are protected and that your investments won’t be lost, should the worst happen.

Whether you’re looking to insure a single item of jewellery or a piece of art or an entire collection that you’ve spent years building up, our specialist team are on hand to discuss your individual requirements and help you find the right cover.

Fine art, Antique and Jewellery insurance

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