The Average Clause

Insurance can be complex. Contracts are always full of conditions and clauses.

There is one clause you really need to know about when insuring your building because this clause can cause big problems if you ever need to make a claim.

It’s known as “The Average Clause” and it means if you insure your building for amount that is too low, your insurer can reduce how much they’ll pay out.

There is one way to ensure you don’t suffer the issue of not being insured for the correct amount and feel the full force and consequences of the Average Clause. Get in touch with a Regulated by RICS property professional who understands about rebuilding costs.

We work with professionals of building insurance valuations to ensure that our clients are covered for the correct amount of re-build costs.

Don’t fall fowl to the Average Clause. Put your buildings insurance right and let us help by talking to us today 01256 463090.