Bloomhill Insurance Solutions offers the following range of services:

  • Co-ordinating insurance covers with your risk management policy
  • Regular reviews of your policy covers in line with your business needs
  • Use of competitive financing options
  • Summary of policy covers

Bloomhill Insurance Solutions utilises a wide variety of routes to secure the most appropriate and cost-effective cover for your business.  We work direct with leading insurers and markets in London including Lloyd’s, as well as underwriters or underwriting agents and sometimes other intermediaries for specialist schemes. The team comprises specialists who have been broking and servicing insurance risk management solutions for UK companies for over 20 years.

Our clients’ needs come first

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, Bloomhill Insurance Solutions has developed a strict code of conduct and ethics ensuring the impartiality and integrity of the advice given. We expect our clients to demand a high level of expertise and technical competence. The insurance business is a complex, continually changing world, and our broking team is kept up to date with developments through in-house and external training, which enables us to respond professionally to your insurance needs.

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